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Behind the Scenes

Whether working with large brands or small local businesses, our roster of talented and dedicated crew brings a vast pool of knowledge and experience to every project. We provide creative solutions for any type of production, including short & long-form video, photography, and live events. 

You provide the concept, and we produce it.

  • Insurance

  • Permitting

  • Scouting & Clearing Locations

  • Vehicle & Equipment Rentals 

  • Talent Booking

Planning and Strategy /

  • Creative Ideation

  • Screenwriting

  • Project Budgeting 

  • Schedule Building

  • Hiring Crew


  • Crafty and Crew Meal Services

  • On Set Health and Safety

  • Schedule and Time Management 

  • Video Village

  • Creative Check-Ins and Updates

  • Principal Photography

  • Audio Recording

  • On Set Management of Crew and Talent

  • Field Logistics

  • Domestic & International Travel

  • Graphic Design

  • Color Grading


  • Video and Photo Editing

  • Audio Mixing 

  • Motion GFX & Animation

  • Behind the Scenes Content

  • Asset Delivery

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